His Parents…

Old picture from his parents during their wedding… I can really tell how much he cared for them… They were both old now, his father is bedridden… his mother takes care of his father… I once called her mom on the day he left and she was crying (actually we both cried that I hung up the phone)… According to her, this was the first time that his youngest son was quite far from her… The more she burst into tears when he hugged him tight before he left… He is not that showy in expressing his love or feelings… His mother knew that, but they can really feel how much he cared for them though they misunderstood each other sometimes…
She even planned to go with him at first, but she just can’t leave her husband alone… Right then and there after that short conversation, I realized and proved that indeed, Junie was quite a Mama’s boy hehehe…

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