Ever wonder what causes us to be so preoccupied that we forgot to have a break? Are we aware what took much of our time? What keeps us from relaxing and just do nothing other than just be ourselves…

Let me share with you a very helpful tools, which one way or another may help us in overcoming stress…

This was taken from Rick Warren at pastors.com…

Quiz to find out if you’re a workaholic:

1. Are you always in a hurry?
2. Is your “To do” list always unrealistically long?
3. Do you use days off to catch up with unfinished work?
4. Has more than one person ever told you to slow down?
5. Do you feel guilty when you relax?
6. Do you have to get sick to take time off?
You know you’re a workaholic when…
… all your Christmas cards come from business associates.
… you head out for “Back to School” night and you don’t know which ones your kids attend.
… you wear a beeper to church.
… your family refers to you as “occupant”.
… you can unwind after work by watching Tom Snyder.
… if you take business related reading material into the bathroom.

Many people think, if I give my life to God, if I really sell out to Jesus Christ, He’s going to give me too much to do and I’ll have more to do than I already have. Psalm 23:2 “He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside quiet waters.” If you were a sheep you would understand this because this is a perfect picture of paradise. He’s referring to rest and refreshment. God is interested in your rest and recreation. He wants you to live a whole, balanced and complete life. He wants you to not be working all the time. If you really give your life to Jesus Christ, He’s probably not going to add more on, as much as He’s going to take some things out of it to slow you down.

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