Part 2

Here’s the continuation of the Antidote to Stressbusters…

A prescription for pressured people — God’s way to RELAX.
1. R — Realize my worth
2. E — Enjoy what I already have
3. L — Limit my labor
4. A — Adjust my values
5. X — eXchange my pressure for God’s peace

Wonderful isn’t it? We should not forget that God created us for his glory…
We really don’t need to drain ourselves to prove our worth as an individual…
Yes it is true that we need to utilize our God-given potential to its maximum but not to the point of putting our lives, relationship, etc. to risk. How come it becomes risky? If we burn out ourselves, our health, quality time with our love ones and our relationship with God will be at stake… If we are too preoccupied, our focus will be on finishing and winning our individual tasks… Remember, we cannot serve two masters AT THE SAME TIME…We can’t claim that we love our families if we don’t even spend quality time with them… I’m not saying that we should be too relax and neglect our obligation as worker, what I’m trying to imply is that we should learn how to balance things… Enjoy our work but never disregard our time with our family, friends and most specially our personal time with God.

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