Lost and Found….

If you are not familiar to a place and you get lost from your companion, what should be the first thing that you are going to do?
a) cry
b) screamed for help (exaggerated :))
c) call the police
d) none of the above

If you were born half a century ago where technology knows nothing yet about mobile communication then perhaps you will really get panicked and do all or most of the options above…

Good thing there is a mobile phone… added premium to that is the unlimited texting…
(Thanks to Globe, SMART and SUN) {Where’s the moon?}
Junie was lost in the middle of where? IN GAISANO MALL VALENCIA hahahaha…
They went there to buy curtains… and maybe he’s up to something that out of his knowledge he get lost! The mall isn’t that big anyway for such a big guy like him 🙂
Good thing he got a preloaded unlimited (for a day) phone and voila, texted me asking for Ate Nelg’s number… GOod thing i got a preloaded unlimited (for a day) phone too!
That settles it…


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