Pastor Junie’s Angels…

Meet ate Nelg…

Her heart is really for a mission… She’s been in the Blessed Hope Foundation for quite some time… She’s the kind of person who look so serious but wait til you get to know her and you’ll see the other side of her… She’s now out in the field with the other God’s warrior… Warrior? Yes they are warriors… they are on the field for a very significant battle… They are empowered by God’s Holy Spirit to reach out among people and share the good news! They are warrior without a weapon other than the Word of God…

Meet Ate Emily

The soft-spoken, super cool Ate Ems… She’s been in the mission for a very long time now… She devote herself in spreading the good news and ministering other people… Ate Emily is absolutely a very kind-hearted person! She’s with the group, the Battalion Commander! She’s out on the field with them to guide them… But she’ll be leaving soon for another mission… You could never go wrong with Ate Emily…

They are Junie’s Angels… His helpmate in accomplishing God’s agenda for Maramag…

To God be the glory for this two precious angels!

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