>How Reliable is the PCOS Machine?


Wanna know everything about PCOS machine? Check this out.

Maybe, you are among those who are skeptic about the reliability of the said machine.It cannot be denied that some glitches were being found about some components of the PCOS machine that was covered by the media which stirred doubts among the electorate. Almost all people have this apprehensions about the outcome for this year’s election. Just this morning as I passed by on one of my neighbor, I overheard them talking about a possible Failure of Election (God forbid!). This might be considered as one of the drastic decisions made by our government (getting automated) but the fact that the information drive were not fully given to all of us (even myself didn’t get the chance of attending some sort of a demo campaign), we just cannot blame the questioning majority. One of the elders in our church shared that it should haven’t implemented yet to all regions. They should have started first at Luzon as part of the trial and error period. If the COMELEC found out that it was a successful venture, then they can have it implemented fully by the next election…. Anyway, it’s just his comment and  observation and I totally agree with him…
Whatever is the outcome of this Monday’s big event, let us just hope and pray that everything will work out in accordance to God’s will and purpose.
Cast your vote wisely!
God bless….
Got to review my list. ☺

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