Oxis Develops The Super Anti oxidant

Nowadays, many pharmaceutical companies claimed their product as the best among the rest when it comes to anti oxidant. But we just cannot really tell unless they will really have to prove it or else their product are nothing but short selling penny stock. We just cannot compromise our health for that.
The field of health and science never stop in developing solutions to the growing cases of cancer brought by free radicals that affecting our system. Their main focus was on researching for the best anti oxidant which can combat not only cancers but oxidative stress as well. Oxidative stress is caused by inflammation, smoking, pollution, UV light, radiation, certain drugs and other conditions. This increases as we age.
Oxis international was able to develop the super antioxidant called Ergothioneine which can treat oxidative stress. Ergo is proved to be a good source of anti aging as well. It also contains glutathione which helps lighten the skin. With the benefits and success of Ergo, Oxis was able to create a buzz worldwide with their successful research. In fact they have facebook and Twitter accounts for you to follow. You can also visit their website for more of the info at http://www.oxis.com.

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