>ICT Policies and Strategies in Asia Pacific Region


The ICT Policies and Strategies in countries like New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Hongkong are very remarkable. New Zealand has the world’s highest access to telecommunications per capita, with the cost of accessing the Internet being almost as low as it is in the United States. Australia with its vast territories and dispersed population has long been known for its successful distance education programmes to provide education to those who live in remote places in the outback. More recently, Australia has become a pioneer in using ICT for educational purposes. Malaysia is making every effort to steer the economy towards a knowledge-based one. Singapore created Master plans since 1997 for their IT in Education. They believed though that teachers are the key to the effective use of IT to enhance teaching and learning.On the other hand, Hongkong aims to harness the power of ICT to turn schools into dynamic and innovative learning institutions, where students can become more motivated, inquisitive, creative and independent lifelong learners… 
I read all these info from the UNESCO website . Indeed, with what I have read, I am hoping that someday, our beloved Philippines can cope up with those countries that are more advance and come up with our own effective policies and strategies in the field of Information and Communication Technology… 
My students has something more to say….

For further references, you may click below:
New Zealand


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  1. jackie
    Jun 26, 2010 @ 02:25:41

    >There they got it… Perfectly copied and pasted… ^_^ anyway.. hope they read what they have posted.


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