>I Am A Filipino


I am a Filipino citizen and I am proud about it. I am short, with curly hair and a brown complexion. I love the sunset, I admired the sea, I love siesta time, I love to play “sungka“,”bato-lata“, and “taguan“. I used to play patintero” when I was a kid during full moon. 
I love to hear folk stories, I love to doodle, I love to  sing… I don’t really dance but I learned few steps of chacha, bogie and tango.

I believe in dreams. I hope in reality. I enjoyed life in province more than life in the city. I love nature. I love trees. I love mountain climbing even under the scorching heat of the sun. I love the beaches though I do not know how to swim.

I am really a Filipino. Despite crises that our country is facing, I am still proud for being a Filipino. Versatile, flexible, friendly though quite moody.

I am not considering yet of going abroad because my heart feels safer to be here than there…

I am a Filipino, equally created by God on His own image and likeness.

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