>The Sting of Pressure


Pressure at work and pressure in personal life- how should we go about it? By merely thinking on the “how”, that entails a lot of pressure already. Pressure can choke us to death… oops overstated! But honestly, it could happen if not handled properly. Wherever you go, whatever you do, pressures are indispensable. Forgot an important event? Scheduling a meeting? organizing a committee? or even gathering ideas in order to come up with a narrative report to be submitted on the day the instruction was given? P-R-E-S-S-U-R-E-. Where in the world does pressure originated from? WordWeb defines it as “An oppressive condition of physical, mental, social or economic distress”  and mind you, distress was clearly defined as “psychological suffering”. Too bad, does it sound so alarming? I sometimes have this feeling whenever I am faced with pressures. I even wanted to shout just to release all of it. But if we come to realize in the long run that life is not all about that, then maybe we can cope up with it. Besides, there’s more to life than pressure. We can still manage our life well amidst those things. Let us just remember that pressure are only present if we failed to do our task well and if we failed to surrender everything to God, our only source of strength. Let us be reminded that we tend to fail and feel pressured and all these were allowed by God for us to acknowledge His presence and Sovereignty. If you haven’t tried to  lift up everything to God, why not do it now?

Hopefully by reading this, you will realize that life is not really that bad after all and that Pressures may be indispensable but our God is able.

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