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If you want to know more about Cagayan de Oro City, the city of Golden Friendship, visit its official website at Though I did not really born here in Cagayan de Oro or better known as CDO, but I grew up here and I learn to love the city.

Explore CDO by visiting the site i have mentioned above.

WFW: Our Guide

If we only rely on His guidance and we will not take any detour against His route, everything will be in order. The path we took might have some bumps but rest assured that He is just right beside you, ready to catch you when you fall.

God bless everyone. Always be guided with Him!

Have a Word-filled Wednesday!

Hilltop @ Davao

Picture Perfect



This is me six years ago. This was taken somewhere in Davao, Philippines. It’s an overlooking place where there is a fast food restaurant. We stop there for breakfast before heading back home… However, this trip was quite bad because we got an accident along the highway but by the grace of God nobody else were badly injured except me and my best friend out of the fourteen of us.

The Mountain Pines Place

The MAP courtesy of

I do love nature and green scenery… That is why when I was given a chance to be with the team during the Annual Evaluation I really grab the opportunity. The venue was at the Mountain Pines Place in Manolo Fortich Bukidnon and the place is so nice and the climate is indeed very good. During night time you have to cover yourself well otherwise you will get yourself frozen.

braving the cold night wind...

During daytime, amidst the scorching heat of the sun, the wind is still very cool because the place was surrounded with tall pine trees. Indeed the place is ideal for conferences but with limited number of people only. Their amenities are good and the rooms no longer need for an air-conditioner. It is also  few minutes away from Dahilayan and Forest Parks.

having fun during break time

the room... good for three people

If you are interested, you can book and avail some discounts just visit

MYM:Jump In!


WFW: Galatians 5:13


God created us with freewill… We are free to choose and we are free to decide. However, that freedom are sometimes being abused. We tend to overdo things, decide on things, that we knew, will lead us to destruction…

It is indeed so sad to ponder that we are the one who leads ourselves in becoming a sinner. We might have that freedom but it doesn’t mean that God will tolerate all the things that we have decided…

Let us not abuse such freedom…



>To My Bestfriend…


… miss your company… you know who you are

>Home-made Perfect Gravy Recipe


Every Holiday season and even on other special occasions, I always look forward to indulging myself on my favorite crispy fried chicken and other roasted meats with its mouth watering gravy. There is this one worldwide fast food chain that caters deep fried chicken and its famous gravy. I really love the gravy that every time I want to dine outside, I prefer this menu because of the delicious gravy. No one knows the trade secrets of making this delicious gravy, not even their employee. I even tried it once at home with those available do-it-yourself mixes that you can buy on the grocery but it doesn’t turns out well as expected. But that was before. It’s because now we can make our own gravy straight from our own kitchen with the easy-to-follow tips from the Club House Gravy. This is a do-it-yourself method that you, your family and your other love ones will surely love! Club House Gravy will help you do this without a fuss! In fact they have a gravy tips video on how to do it perfectly as presented by their Chef Cook. You will be taught on how to do the proper mixing of the other essential ingredients plus you can make some variety if you want to in order to make it more delicious. Preparation is never this easy before, what’s more good about Club House Gravy aside from its convenience was the fact that it is healthy enough since it does not contain a Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). You may also join newsletter sign-up and contest entry for a chance to win a Club House Prize Pack with great baking ideas. Visit their site now for more of the details.

Don’t miss this season nor let the year ends without even trying to prepare this mouth-watering gravy on your own. Add some love and taste to your table! Have a gravy- mania this Christmas. Enjoy your meal together with your family

>The Wonder of 60Mbps Inernet Speed



I am a certified internet user. I love to search about the latest in music, download MP3’s and videos as well. and watched my favorite Korean novels! Unfortunately, I can’t do a lot of things simultaneously. Chances are, it will download slowly or the computer may hang and need to restart it then go through the same process again one at a time. I’m currently using Broadband but don’t work well as expected. Good thing there’s a new product from Charter. Yes, this is it! Charter, the leading provider of Cable, Telephone and Internet was once again proud to introduce their new product line that every active Americans would surely love! Charter’s Ultra60 Mbps service! A whole new revolution of internet speed updates. It is one of the fastest in the U.S. Currently available in St. Louis and Southern CaliforniaUltra60 has been rolling out to other areas along with other high-speed products throughout 2009.
The Ultra60 Mbps service promise the customers with the fastest Internet speed available at a time when it is critical to have a high-speed connection to multimedia sites.
This speed will enable customers to use the Internet in all new ways including gaming, movies, telecommuting with mega-files and much more at super high speeds. At 60 Mbps, the Internet is a completely different experience – you can multitask in ways no one has ever been able to do previously. Can you imagine that? This is gonna be a whole new internet experience with Phatband speed. Wow! That is what I need! With Phatband Technology, expect for possible higher speed in the long run… 

I’ve read once that in “perfect” conditions, cable download speeds are up to 2 times faster than 1.5Mbps DSL speeds, which is roughly 50 times faster than 28.8K Modem…. How about this? How far can a 60 Mbps like Charter’s Ultra60 Mbps can go? Think and consider about it.

I’m so excited and confident that sooner this will be available in the Philippines

>Holiday Buying Guide


At the start of the fourth quarter or even a month earlier than that, we can already feel the spirit of Christmas through the Christmas songs we often hear on air. Might as well, some people were already preparing their long Christmas list. We have all the reasons to give and for this reasons, we should carefully plan what to give. Poor planning may lead to rush holiday shopping which eventually will end us up frustrated if we’re able to buy the wrong items. I admit I’ve been doing that for the past years, not only during Christmas Holidays but on other occasions as well that was really very time-consuming and draining on my part. For this Christmas I have lots of Godchildren on my list not to mention those friends and relatives whom I love. Instead of dealing with the holiday rush, I realized to go for online shopping! The benefits of online shopping not only include convenience but big savings as well. At first I was really hesitant considering the cost it may entails like shipping and other additional fees. Then I found out about the Dirt Devil 2009 Guide to Red Hot Online Shopping, this is all we need. They offered more than 300 clever ways to save with online shopping. Starting today, November 25, 2009, their Special offer has started. Visit their website now at They have lots of practical guides and deals and even personalized one for your girl friends, boy friends and even for the whole family! Indeed, this is a one stop shopping. They have a lot of partners who offers big discounts and even rebates plus FREE SHIPPING for your comfort and convenience! Download their Holiday Buying guide now for your quick reference.
This is going to be an answer to our shopping dilemma. Check this out and see for yourself the savings and best deals that I’ve been talking about! Enjoy online shopping! Have a Happy Holiday everyone!

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