The Mountain Pines Place

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I do love nature and green scenery… That is why when I was given a chance to be with the team during the Annual Evaluation I really grab the opportunity. The venue was at the Mountain Pines Place in Manolo Fortich Bukidnon and the place is so nice and the climate is indeed very good. During night time you have to cover yourself well otherwise you will get yourself frozen.

braving the cold night wind...

During daytime, amidst the scorching heat of the sun, the wind is still very cool because the place was surrounded with tall pine trees. Indeed the place is ideal for conferences but with limited number of people only. Their amenities are good and the rooms no longer need for an air-conditioner. It is also  few minutes away from Dahilayan and Forest Parks.

having fun during break time

the room... good for three people

If you are interested, you can book and avail some discounts just visit

MYM:Jump In!


Picture Perfect

These are my cute nieces having fun before the camera!

If you are just a newbie here in Cagayan de Oro, don’t fail to shop at the Lim Ket Kai Center. It’s your One-stop shop.

WFW: 1 Thessalonians 4:11


Sometimes we are too preoccupied with what’s going on with our fellow men. We tend to obstruct their privacy… This should not be the case. We must learn how to respect others… The more we consumed our time about others, the more we neglect the best thing in our own personal lives.

Let us mind our own business! It doesn’t mean that we stop caring for others, we will just stop meddling their lives. Choose to be a real friend, not a backstabber. 

Just a healthy reminder for each one of us.

God bless everyone!



WFW: Galatians 5:13


God created us with freewill… We are free to choose and we are free to decide. However, that freedom are sometimes being abused. We tend to overdo things, decide on things, that we knew, will lead us to destruction…

It is indeed so sad to ponder that we are the one who leads ourselves in becoming a sinner. We might have that freedom but it doesn’t mean that God will tolerate all the things that we have decided…

Let us not abuse such freedom…



MYM: Just The Two Of Us

Can’t find the yellow color? This was edited using the photo frame feature of my Sanyo Cam (courtesy of my younger sister). Sweet, isn’t it? The background might be all blue but the edge are all yellow lol! I just love posing with my huggy hubby!

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>WFW: Ezekiel 38:23


Indeed, this is one of God’s absolute declaration of His Sovereignty!

The Things That I Love To Do…


My Red Tee-Shirt

My Black Tee Shirt

My Natasha Bag

There are lot of things that I really want to do if only given much time and materials. I used to do charcoal rendering and sketching. However, I am not good in mixing and putting colors so i just settled on pen or pencil rendering. I do lettering jobs before for the church and anywhere else on any occasions.

As for now, I tried to venture on something different. If I use latex paint and brush before, I am now trying to make a different art by using fabric paint. Yes, I love using fabric paint because I just want to write anything on shirts and bags too! It is easier and more convenient as well. I am still trying to figure out how to make use of my hobbies for additional income. Well, for practical reasons and having fun as well. I just love this hobby. Currently, I am preparing a scrapbook for my upcoming Big Day (I will take picture of it soon and will feature it here as long as I am done). I a using Fabric Paint for the cover.

Fabric Paints in different colors by Leeho

>The Petite Girl Wears Prada


Looking good and feeling good about oneself is something that every woman wants to feel, and I am not an exception to them. I always want to feel great about myself to boost my confidence. My way of achieving such is by creating my own fashion statement. My colleagues noticed my style and I got mixed comments from them. I sometimes forget to consider my built as well as my height. Nevertheless, they give me tips and advice on how to improve my fashion style.

It’s not that I complain about my God-given height but it is really one of my struggles. There’s a lot of dress that I want to wear but it made me look shorter than I thought it would. I am overwhelmed with how media advertisement introduces new shoes style. When I went to the mall for shoe shopping or searching, I mean, I always look for wedges or stilettos that would fit and look good on my size 5 but wider feet. I have a favorite shoes brand. Their designs are not really that superb but it fits perfectly on my small feet. I love watching fashion shows wherein I can gain some ideas from the models. However, the shoes that they are wearing are meant for special occasions and I can’t imagine wearing it on casual days. I also love browsing shoes designs on the internet and I intentionally browsed for Prada shoes since I was curious and influenced with the movie of Anne Hathaway entitled “The Devil Wears Prada”.

I already heard about Prada brand but I doubt if it is available here in the Philippines. Prada shoes are best shown in ,a site that introduces designer shoes and other apparels for both men and women. As for Prada shoes, they almost have all categories that you want. You will enjoy browsing for shoes because you can view the details by just moving your mouse. They offer special discounts for those who will sign up and become a member. I even like them on facebook to get an updates from them. Check for yourself and see all their available Prada shoes designs and also avail their shoes price off just for today. I just wonder if they have an available size for me. Just in case there is, I have an alternative version of Anne’s movie title, it would be “The Petite Girl Wears Prada.”

WFW: Isaiah 60:22

The things that was happening surrounds us will just come to pass… Yes, everything shall come to pass.

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