WFW: Becoming A Shepherd


Want to lead a group? Want to be a guide? How does it feel to tend a flock of sheep by yourself?  Are you willing to take this responsibility?

Being a shepherd just like how David was before he became a King may not really that easy. It is such a great responsibility. However, if God calls you to do such task, you cannot do away from it… It is your calling therefore, you should obey it…

NO matter where God will take us as long as we allow ourselves to become His instruments, we will become a blessings to those whom we are able to reach out…

Let us learn to let go and let God to have the total control of our lives.

God bless

WFW: Our Guide

If we only rely on His guidance and we will not take any detour against His route, everything will be in order. The path we took might have some bumps but rest assured that He is just right beside you, ready to catch you when you fall.

God bless everyone. Always be guided with Him!

Have a Word-filled Wednesday!

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